Lebanese Breakfast

Lebanese Breakfast

As we have been telling customers that we are going to be opening for breakfast the most common question from most people has been "What is Lebanese Breakfast?", and the question from Lebanese is "Is it a traditional Breakfasts" or "Will you have Manoush?". So I will answer these here.

What is Lebanese Breakfast? 

Well as you can imagine the Lebanese don't all sit down for the same breakfast everyday.  Like western breakfast, Lebanese Breakfast has a few different elements and styles and different cafe's in Lebanon do breakfast differently.  And at Chickpea we will do a different breakfast to the few other Lebanese breakfasts on offer in Brisbane. Most famous Lebanese breakfast food is manoush.  manoush is a type of Lebanese pizza that is spread usually with Zatar (a paste made with oregano, thyme, sesame and olive oil), cheese or meat. That is a simplification but I won't be going into further detail because we will not be serving traditional manoush.  Although we will have a type of freshly made Lebanese bread.

Lebanese breakfast is a lot more than manoush, it is beans, chickpeas, salad, olives, labneh, felafel, delicious spicy lamb sausages, and eggs as you like them.  So this is the type of breakfast we will be serving. We will be serving both traditional Lebanese breakfast in Lebanese style and Lebanese breakfast in western style, just as we do with our dinner. Because almost all of our customers are either Australian born or western we will be presenting the breakfast in a way that is familiar but with a bunch of words that may be new.  And in case you are wondering, there will be no bacon and eggs and no smashed avocado... sorry/not sorry.

Keep posted on Instagram and facebook for pictures and descriptions of our new menu.  We will be uploading the breakfast menu to the website this week.


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