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Chickpea is the perfect place to book your next function.  Not only do we have delicious and versatile Lebanese food, we  have several outdoor and indoor spaces that suit a variety of celebrations. 


Outdoor Dining

Our outdoor area is perfect for sit down functions or stand up functions. The area can seat 50 people or suit a stand up function of 70-80

Inside Chickpea

Main Restaurant

The main area of our restaurant is open and light and is perfect for your special get together.


Dining Room

Our Dining room is simply decorated so that you can add your own special touches for your special celebration dinner party.  Just like a diner party at home but with your own chef, waiters and you don't have to clean up.

Chickpea Event Food


Chickpea has a variety of banquets that are more efficient for us to manage with a large group.

Cocktail Party Mezza

Not your ordinary cocktail party.  Special stand up menu designed by our chef. Mediterranean delights that you can eat with one hand, while you hold your drink with the other.

Pre - Order

If you have a variety of dietary and budget requirements for you party, you can pre-order off our menu.  This is a popular option for business lunches or large groups with split bills.

Party @ Chickpea

Lebanese food is the perfect party, or group get-together choice.  The Lebanese shared style of eating puts food at the centre of a family or community gathering. Food in the Middle East is not just for nutrition. It is a place to gather and share lives and enjoy the fruits of labour.  

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