Why "Chickpea"?

The Chickpea is at the heart of the Middle Eastern peasant cuisine.  We are not a vegetarian restaurant but we named ourselves after the chickpea because even though we use the ingredients of kings, we do so with the heart of peasants. We love festival food, but we also love the everyday food of Lebanon and Syria.


Our Chef

Chef Rimoun Haddad was born and raised in Damascus Syria.  Rimoun, worked in international restaurants throughout the Middle East before settling his family in Australia in 2017 due to the war in Syria. While cooking, Chef Rimoun's heart still beats to the rhythm of his homeland Syria and the streets of Lebanon, where so many of his people seek refuge.


Our Food Philosophy

At chickpea we love honest food. We love the flavours that Syrian's and Lebanese have enjoyed for thousands of years. Flavours that have been handed down from mother to son and father to daughter.  We talked about this restaurant over plates of hommus, charcoal chicken with garlic, lemony beer rimmed with salt, and bean stews. Our heart is to share this beautiful food, and provide a place for our customers to have conversations about family and love and business and the trials of the day, while they break bread together and nourish themselves with this amazing cuisine.


1/154 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo Qld 4151